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ben 10 alien

alien forceThis month hero on google trends has been ben 10 alien force.Sounding more Henshin hero every day, Ben 10's spinoff series Alien Force is gaining speed for early 2008.

The fourth season revolves around Ben's last adventures as summer vacation ends. The few plot-centric episodes revolve around the leader of the Forever Knights organization, Forever King, and his plans to deal with the Tennysons himself. He gathers many of Ben's enemies to serve as members of his group, the "Negative 10" to both battle the Tennysons and steal a powerful energy from the Plumber base at Mount Rushmore. Ben eventually defeats the Forever King, destroying the Mount Rushmore faces in the process, though at the end it is implied that holograms are put up on the faces to fool passerbyers.

alien forceBen 10: Alien Force takes place five years after the original series, where a fifteen-year old Ben Tennyson teams up with Gwen, a reformed Kevin, and a group of new young heroes on a mission to find a missing Grandpa Max, and battle a new foe, the DNAliens. In the wake of new foes and perils, Ben will don the Omnitrix once again, now containing new powerful alien forms.

The series is scheduled to air in April with a sneak preview airing during the North American premiere of Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 on March 9th.

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