Wordsfinder.com has investigated on what American Internet users are searching on the web when they look for Italian Locations.

What Americans like about the Bel Paese? According to the latest Wordsfinder.com research American Internet users prefer Rome by far to any other Italian location.

Rome as keyword gets nearly 740000 search engine requests a month on Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK. This represents over 40% of the total traffic compared to any other Italian destinations like Venice or Florence.

Frank Vitetta from Woprdsfidner.com says that the most related words to Rome is Hotel. “Americans like to spend their holiday in Italy visiting ruins, museums and looking for nice hotels.” “As matter of fact words like -cheap, food and inexpensive- don’t even make the top 20 for Rome related keywords” states Frank.

The second most researched Italian City is Venice where Americans look for hotels, Carnival and surprisingly beaches.”Venice is still very much searched on the web” says Frank Vitetta. It gets more than 315000 search engine requests without counting related searches like “Venice hotel, Venice Carnival”.

Florence is at the third place with 15% of the total search traffic. Interestingly Florence’s related keywords are real estate and hotel. “Internet users are savvy investors looking to buy properties in areas where prices have been rising up to 40% a year” says Angelo Carozza from Tecnocasa. Overseas investors look primarily for countryside villas well connected to stations and airports.

According to wordsfinder.com latest research Americans still love Italy and search for Italian holidays destination on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and Milan are the most searched destinations.