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How to write SEO friendly product title and description

Writing Product Titles

Product titles are the equivalent of the product names as they are listed in the manufacturers printed or electronic catalogs. Because people often use the manufacturer's product <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>name from the printed catalog when searching for a product online, the original manufacturer product name and model number should be included in the product titles. For instance if the manufacturer product name is Sony Cyber-Shot DSL-T7, be sure to use the<a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a> model number as part of the product title.

Adding Keywords and Keyword Phrase Variations

You should also consider adding search keyword phrases to your product titles where it appears natural. The product mentioned above is a digital camera ("digital camera" is a <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>very popular keyword phrase), so you could change your product title from - "Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T7" to either: "Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T7 Digital Camera," "Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera - DSC-T7," or "Sony Digital Camera - Cyber-Shot DSC-T7."

Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

Well-written product descriptions serve two purposes. First and foremost, a compelling product description<a href="">replique montre</a> persuades customers to buy a product, and secondarily, it can garner high rankings on the search results pages of the major search engines. When you are writing descriptions for your products, it is important to keep in mind that customers are at a "sensory disadvantage" when they are shopping online since they can only use their sense of sight to evaluate a product. To compensate for this disadvantage, e-commerce Web sites must have compelling product description tailored towards the <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>target audience and excellent product photography, perhaps with multiple views. It's important to bring the product to life on your Web site.

A well-written product description creates a tangible image in the customer's mind of how a product looks, feels, smells, tastes (whatever senses would be important for the user to select the item) and also explains the virtues and benefits of using or owning the product. This description, paired with the <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>customer's imagination, can be far more powerful than the product image alone since it will evoke a feeling and energy about the product that convinces the customer whether or not to click the "buy" or "add to cart" button.

Tailoring Product Descriptions to Your Target Audience

It may be tempting to use the product descriptions supplied by the manufacturer, but these descriptions may use technical language that your average customer might <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>not understand. After all, if these descriptions come out of a vendor catalog, they were probably not written with your customers in mind.

Knowing your target audience helps you determine what tone to use, what style to apply, and whether to be sober, serious, informal or over-the-top. Whatever tone/style you choose, it is important to be consistent with the rest of your site. <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>Make sure that all of the content on your site (product page, informational page, home page, etc.) sounds like it is addressing the same audience. You should also consider extending this writing style to any collateral you use to communicate with potential <a href="">replica louis vuitton outlet</a>customers (email, print ads, etc.).

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