3 Easy Tips on Conducting a Blogger Outreach Campaign

So now we're in 2012, advertising via pop up ads seems “so last year”. More and more businesses are targeting blogger outreach campaigns. Reaching out to bloggers across the web relevant to your target market can be a tricky task but we’ve got some key tips that can make it easy peasy using one simple tool!

1.    Identify your keywords
In order to get precise results throughout your campaign you must be specific when figuring out your keywords. It is beneficial to have as many relevant keywords as possible in order to gain a variety of results that are all specific to your campaign.

2.    Use Outreachr


Outreachr is a tool designed to make discovering, filtering and gathering links from the web an easy and quick process. Outreachr searches sites that rank in Google and displays them within a campaign on a “dashboard”. The tool enables you to organise your campaigns, include as many keywords as you want to encourage the best results as possible. Each campaign will contain a list of results where you are able to click on a site and view it in the same window – a nice simple process!

3.    Contact

So let’s move on to the best bit of Outreachr which is: alongside the results of sites that are displayed there are also contact details – e-mail addresses, Twitter links as well as Facebook links.


With Twitter and Facebook becoming key marketing tools of the modern age it’s particularly handy having them at the click of a button. Outreachr is a really effective method of keeping results all in one place; you can click different options (contacted, partner, negative) so you know who you have successfully contacted as well as remove irrelevant or unresponsive sites from the list.

outreachr So there you have it - The three top tips to conduct a blogger outreach campaign – without all the confusion and hassle!

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Now marketing software can do every part of your job

Marketing software has evolved to bring all marketing campaigns under one umbrella.  Imagine a piece of software than can do every part of your work. That’s marketingreplica louis vuitton automation, web forensics, email marketing, lead generation, a landing page builder, social media tracking, PPC tracking, CRM and multimedia channel integration.

Umbrella marketing software

Here to make your campaigns more profitable is new API STD 1104 software that  enables you to conduct your entire marketing activity under just one platform. Organisations of any size can see their lead generation activity jump as more ‘warm’ customers return to the website, ready and engaged with the brand.

Only a small number of organisations actually test their email campaigns in order to optimise the response. So with just a bit more attention to detail, you’ll already have replica louis vuittonan advantage over your competitors. With new software your email marketing is not only automated but optimised.  Your website will see greater conversions  with ‘warm’ customers returning toair max pas cher your site to complete transactions.

Real time visitor tracking
Now you can view not only hits on your site but also activity. This means you can view what anonymous visitors are looking at on your website. Real time tracking software means that you can follow up with personalised email messages, so that customers are kept up to date and interested in the products that they will eventually buy. These add up to a larger lead score in air max pas cheryour CRM. These leads can also be ranked from high to low scoring. Companies are now able to provide extremely high quality landing pages, email marketing, banner ads and Ad Words.

Streamlining costs
Old systems kept different parts of your campaign under separate data clouds. Switching programmes nike pas cherand formats constantly eats up time and money. This new streamlined efficiency can help to drive your campaign forwards.
You can achieve outstanding sales for your organisation by replacing all of your old systems with one new system. You could dramatically improve your ROI.  That means that any marketing professionals still using multiple software across their campaigns asme code should think again. 

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Long Tail Generator

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Keywords suggestions

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Traffic Estimator

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Track Inbound Links Tool


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Intelligence Alert

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Open Source SEO tools for everyone

After going to the Future of Web Apps (FOWA), I have taken a very important decision. I am going to open my tools and make them publicly available. In return, I am asking you some help to build better, faster and smarter tools.

Google Analytics does a great job to analyze web traffic once visitors have landed to your site, however it doesn’t tell you anything about your competitors and how well they are doing. It says nothing about your page rank, nor suggests you better and more effective keywords or tracks your online presence.

Sorry to break this news to you, you stand no chance in improving your Google score if you just use an analytic tool! This is why many companies hire SEO agencies to have a hassle-free life.

I am not aware of any SEO companies or professionals that have opened their secret and black magic tools to the world. I believe most of the SEO agencies around, especially in the UK, have developed some in-house tools that allow them to charge clients a large amount of money for the usage of these tools. Most of the time, these SEO marketers have very little knowledge of the Search Engine market.

As I come from a technical background and naturally brought into Search Engine Optimization, as I wanted my sites to score higher on Google, I have developed and scoped tools to help me to do my job more efficiently and effectively. Most of the tools have been developed with the help of some fellow developers and have been inspired by understanding and great clients.

I am not kidding, drop me an email and I will be happy to zip my function.php file and send it to you.Extruder Machine.

digg reddit dzone stumble upon blink list – Search 1000s of PDFs from across the web

The web might be a fantastic pool of knowledge and information, but finding one specific part can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a planet-sized haystack. No matter how many Google searches or Twitter cries for help we try, it seems impossible to find that elusive and vital snippet of info. 

Part of the reason for this issue is that not all the information we require is able to be indexed by any other sites, and therefore it sits, effectively like an image, hidden away from the rest of the web. The prime offender is PDFs. These easy-to-download, easily-readable files are far from easy for anything other than a human to read, and so the information sits obscured from view for those that don’t already know it’s there.

That’s where OpenPDFs comes in. is a new intelligent platform with millions of perfectly captured PDF documents from the globe’s most popular platforms and ERP systems-  including SAP, Microsoft and Adobe, whose resource pages often look like the expanded Britannia Encyclopaedia. The tool is designed to help business people in a hurry find exactly what they need – quick.

The PDFs catalogued by are easily searchable, and tagged by platform, content and format. You can also download for print, PC, iPad and Android as required.
It’s hard to believe it hasn’t been done sooner, right?

Best of all, is an entirely free service for all.

Background was created by senior business people who found that no matter how well they knew the web, finding the right documentation for systems they and their departments used, was proving nigh on impossible.

Paper documentation for such a massive pool of information is expensive and largely impractical, if not impossible, and so ERP, CRM and accounting platform PDFs proved issueful when it came to manuals, not least because keeping track of updates and amends was also troublesome.[onesies]

We set up to help us do our jobs, and it does this every single day. We want to extend its usage to a wider audience so we can improve and expand the tool and library, giving you easy search and access of all the documents you need.

All feedback, however small is very welcome. Please send comments, suggestions or just a quick hello to:

Get in touch today!

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