Search Engine Limits check list

Page file size : no more than 150 kilobytes (before images, CSS and other attachements)

Amount of links: no more than 100 unique links per page

Title tag: no more than 70 characters

Meta decription : no more than 155 characters

Parameters in URL: no more than 2  

Depth of URL No more than 4 : eg.

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ben 10 alien

alien forceThis month hero on google trends has been ben 10 alien force.Sounding more Henshin hero every day, Ben 10's spinoff series Alien Force is gaining speed for early 2008.

The fourth season revolves around Ben's last adventures as summer vacation ends. The few plot-centric episodes revolve around the leader of the Forever Knights organization, Forever King, and his plans to deal with the Tennysons himself. He gathers many of Ben's enemies to serve as members of his group, the "Negative 10" to both battle the Tennysons and steal a powerful energy from the Plumber base at Mount Rushmore. Ben eventually defeats the Forever King, destroying the Mount Rushmore faces in the process, though at the end it is implied that holograms are put up on the faces to fool passerbyers.

alien forceBen 10: Alien Force takes place five years after the original series, where a fifteen-year old Ben Tennyson teams up with Gwen, a reformed Kevin, and a group of new young heroes on a mission to find a missing Grandpa Max, and battle a new foe, the DNAliens. In the wake of new foes and perils, Ben will don the Omnitrix once again, now containing new powerful alien forms.

The series is scheduled to air in April with a sneak preview airing during the North American premiere of Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 on March 9th.

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web hosting reviews

We have recently had a think about swapping servers, as web hosting can be a bit of a nightmare with lots of information and tools on your site like we have. We were tempted to set up a personal dedicated server which we could monitor from the office and maintain without having to phone up any call centres or random companies from Mars or somewhere similar. But this was a lot of hassle and requires a lot of power and bandwidth which would have hindered our office somewhat. And we’re lazy.

So what to do, what to do? We looked at VPS hosting, and various other hosting methods which might have suited the site and it’s content. But it was all too expensive, too hassle-full or just plain useless. We tried inventing a new serving technique to revolutionise the web but there was something good on telly.

We found a good service called: which contains independent reviews of the best web hosting providers. Cheap professional web hosting services under $10 a month; all webhosting plans include at least one free domain name registration and 30 day money back guarantee.

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China and keyword filtering - SEO challange ?

For sites where access is still permitted, 'keyword filtering' is being employed, so when a user tries to load a page with certain words, such as Tibet or protest, the page will not open.

The Chinese government is well known for censoring the content its 210 million internet users can view online and rolex replica already prevents searches for sensitive issues, such as the Tiananmen Square massacres, through the Great Firewall of China.

I wonder if China can filter proxy servers. I would suggest to user alterative keywords to the word Tibet like "Roof of the World" for instance.

Source: here

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Is Overture Traffic Estimator Down

I am writing the 2nd of December and I have noticed that Inventory Overture website is down. Our<a href="">replica louis vuitton</a> Traffic Estimator Tool and API is based on Overture web tool.

Anyone has some news? I have found no news online.




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Full list of Robots Database

I thought you might find useful a list of all the major search engine robots available on the <a href="">nike tn pas cher</a>market. Once you have crafted your Robots.txt file, you might want to check it on this robot checker.   

  • ABCdatos BotLink
  • Acme.Spider
  • Ahoy! The Homepage Finder
  • Alkaline
  • Anthill
  • Walhello appie
  • Arachnophilia
  • Arale
  • Araneo
  • AraybOt
  • ArchitextSpider
  • Aretha
  • arks
  • AskJeeves
  • ASpider (Associative Spider)
  • ATN Worldwide
  • Search Robot
  • BackRub
  • Bay Spider
  • BBot
  • Big Brother
  • Bjaaland
  • BlackWidow
  • Die Blinde Kuh
  • Bloodhound
  • Borg-Bot
  • BoxSeaBot
  • caching robot
  • BSpider
  • CACTVS Chemistry Spider
  • Calif
  • Cassandra
  • Digimarc Marcspider/CGI
  • Checkbot
  • churl
  • cIeNcIaFiCcIoN.nEt
  • CMC/0.01
  • Collective
  • Combine System
  • Conceptbot
  • ConfuzzledBot
  • CoolBot
  • Web Core / Roots
  • XYLEME Robot
  • Internet Cruiser Robot
  • Cusco
  • CyberSpyder Link Test
  • CydralSpider
  • Desert Realm Spider
  • DeWeb(c) Katalog/Index
  • DienstSpider
  • Digger
  • Digital Integrity Robot
  • Direct Hit Grabber
  • DNAbot
  • DownLoad Express
  • DragonBot
  • DWCP (Dridus' Web Cataloging Project)
  • e-collector
  • EbiNess
  • EIT Link Verifier Robot
  • Emacs-w3 Search Engine
  • ananzi
  • esculapio
  • Esther
  • Evliya Celebi
  • FastCrawler
  • Fluid Dynamics Search Engine robot
  • Felix IDE
  • Wild Ferret Web Hopper #1, #2, #3
  • FetchRover
  • fido
  • Hämähäkki
  • KIT-Fireball
  • Fish search
  • Fouineur
  • Robot Francoroute
  • Freecrawl
  • FunnelWeb
  • gammaSpider, FocusedCrawler
  • gazz
  • GCreep
  • GetBot
  • GetURL
  • Golem
  • Googlebot
  • Grapnel/0.01 Experiment
  • Griffon
  • Gromit
  • Northern Light Gulliver
  • Gulper Bot
  • HamBot
  • Harvest
  • havIndex
  • HI (HTML Index) Search
  • Hometown Spider Pro
  • ht://Dig
  • HTMLgobble
  • Hyper-Decontextualizer
  • iajaBot
  • IBM_Planetwide
  • Popular Iconoclast
  • Ingrid
  • Imagelock
  • IncyWincy
  • Informant
  • InfoSeek Robot 1.0
  • Infoseek Sidewinder
  • InfoSpiders
  • Inspector Web
  • IntelliAgent
  • I, Robot
  • Iron33
  • Israeli-search
  • JavaBee
  • JBot Java Web Robot
  • JCrawler
  • Jeeves
  • JoBo Java Web Robot
  • Jobot
  • JoeBot
  • The Jubii Indexing Robot
  • JumpStation
  • Katipo
  • KDD-Explorer
  • Kilroy
  • KO_Yappo_Robot
  • LabelGrabber
  • larbin
  • legs
  • Link Validator
  • LinkScan
  • LinkWalker
  • Lockon
  • logo.gif Crawler
  • Lycos
  • Mac WWWWorm
  • Magpie
  • marvin/infoseek
  • Mattie
  • MediaFox
  • MerzScope
  • NEC-MeshExplorer
  • MindCrawler
  • mnoGoSearch search engine software
  • moget
  • MOMspider
  • Monster
  • Motor
  • MSNBot
  • Muncher
  • Muninn
  • Muscat Ferret
  • Mwd.Search
  • Internet Shinchakubin
  • NDSpider
  • Nederland.zoek
  • NetCarta WebMap Engine
  • NetMechanic
  • NetScoop
  • newscan-online
  • NHSE Web Forager
  • Nomad
  • The NorthStar Robot
  • nzexplorer
  • ObjectsSearch
  • Occam
  • HKU WWW Octopus
  • OntoSpider
  • Openfind data gatherer
  • Orb Search
  • Pack Rat
  • PageBoy
  • ParaSite
  • Patric
  • pegasus
  • The Peregrinator
  • PerlCrawler 1.0
  • Phantom
  • PhpDig
  • PiltdownMan
  •'s robot
  • Pioneer
  • html_analyzer
  • Portal Juice Spider
  • PGP Key Agent
  • PlumtreeWebAccessor
  • Poppi
  • PortalB Spider
  • psbot
  • GetterroboPlus Puu
  • The Python Robot
  • Raven Search
  • RBSE Spider
  • Resume Robot
  • RoadHouse Crawling System
  • RixBot
  • Road Runner: The ImageScape Robot
  • Robbie the Robot
  • ComputingSite Robi/1.0
  • RoboCrawl Spider
  • RoboFox
  • Robozilla
  • Roverbot
  • RuLeS
  • SafetyNet Robot
  • Scooter
  • Sleek
  • Search.Aus-AU.COM
  • SearchProcess
  • Senrigan
  • SG-Scout
  • ShagSeeker
  • Shai'Hulud
  • Sift
  • Simmany Robot Ver1.0
  • Site Valet
  • Open Text Index Robot
  • SiteTech-Rover
  • SLCrawler
  • Inktomi Slurp
  • Smart Spider
  • Snooper
  • Solbot
  • Spanner
  • Speedy Spider
  • spider_monkey
  • SpiderBot
  • Spiderline Crawler
  • SpiderMan
  • SpiderView(tm)
  • Spry Wizard Robot
  • Site Searcher
  • Suke
  • suntek search engine
  • Sven
  • Sygol
  • TACH Black Widow
  • Tarantula
  • tarspider
  • Tcl W3 Robot
  • TechBOT
  • Templeton
  • TeomaTechnologies
  • TitIn
  • The TkWWW Robot
  • TLSpider
  • UCSD Crawl
  • UdmSearch
  • UptimeBot
  • URL Check
  • URL Spider Pro
  • Valkyrie
  • Verticrawl
  • Victoria
  • vision-search
  • <a href="">nike air max pas cher</a>
  • void-bot
  • Voyager
  • VWbot
  • The NWI Robot
  • W3M2
  • WallPaper (alias crawlpaper)
  • the World Wide Web Wanderer
  • WebBandit Web Spider
  • WebCatcher
  • WebCopy
  • webfetcher
  • The Webfoot Robot
  • Webinator
  • weblayers
  • WebLinker
  • WebMirror
  • The Web Moose
  • WebQuest
  • Digimarc MarcSpider
  • WebReaper
  • webs
  • <a href="">nike tn pas cher</a>
  • Websnarf
  • WebSpider
  • WebVac
  • webwalk
  • WebWalker
  • WebWatch
  • Wget
  • whatUseek Winona
  • WhoWhere Robot
  • Wired Digital
  • Weblog Monitor
  • w3mir
  • WebStolperer
  • The Web Wombat
  • The World Wide Web Worm
  • WWWC Ver 0.2.5
  • WebZinger
  • XGET

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new website launched :

There are no shortage of ways of ways to make money on the web nowadays. Legal, illegal, beg, stealing and borrowing – people just aws d1.1 ashrae 90.1 asme a17.1 want to see cash in their pocket. Not all of us, however are looking for a quick fix or bridging loan that might gain us a bit of quick revenue. That’s why long term SEO strategies 2014 asme standard asme b31.1 asme b31.3 are so important.

No-one can suddenly get their site to no. 1 in the Google rankings with a quick change, not least because that is exactly what Google don’t want. Building a site and a service that people actually want to engage with is absolutely essential for any website today, whether it be promoting a well established product or spreading awareness of a completely new brand. In today’s world of instant results and impatient employers, people IPC A-610E 2014 asme download api download expect success to quickly. Look at football – how long do football managers last before they’re lobbed in the gutter?

Long term strategies and patience are ASME QEI-1 ASME Section IX asme bpvc Section 8 essential characteristics of SEO experts, as is an appreciation of the short term – you’ve got to be able to look at the big picture and then analyse the little details within (hence why SEOs love graphs!). But it’s important for clients too – a watched kettle never boils; don’t expect your SEO agency to wield instant results, but watch for the subtle nuances in your progress and expect the wider picture to be positive even if there are blips on the upwards gradient every now and again!

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Adwords / google PPC new demographic groups option

Google has introduced a new interesting feature. PPC marketer would be able to target their ads to a certain demographic group.

This is done with the Bid + % system found on the demographic bidding page of your campaign.

For instance: If your existing bid for a placement or keyword is £0.50 CPM and you set your demographic bid multiplier for women to +50%, then your CPM bid for users identified as women would be £0.75. (£0.50 + £0.25 = £0.75.)

In this way, you'll be making a more competitive bid for the potential customers that mean the most to you.


The second is distinguished by clearly marked iwc aquatimer replica vertical grooves similar to the characteristic satin finish IWC Replica Watches from the Royal Oak Offshore collection. The strap is made of vulcanised rubber, a vital area of the extreme omega replica watches sports world. Its matt black granular surface highlights the adventurous camouflage-type appearance of this chronograph released inside a limited edition of just 1,000.

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Gli Internauti cercano più lavoro o casa?

Secondo la parola “lavoro” e’ ricercata 3,003,184 al mese mentre la parola “casa” conta ben 7,150,259 ricerche
E visto che 924,873 ricerche sono su “offerta lavoro milano” , 1,205,410 sono le ricerche di casa lombardia.
Come già si poteva intuire si cerca lavoro soprattutto a Milano (924,873 ricerche), poi a Torino (468,338 ricerche), poi a Roma, Bologna, Brescia, Padova.
Si cerca casa per Regioni invece che per città. Al primo posto c’è la Lombardia (1,205,410 ricerche), poi L’Emilia, il Piemonte, il Veneto e il Lazio.
Questi risultati fanno capire ancora di più come le persone che vivono in Italia cercano di trovare lavoro nel Nord Italia, con l’unica eccezione per Roma, che si guadagna un bel 3° posto. Il passo successivo è poi trovarsi una casa. Le ricerche delle regioni dove si cerca Casa confermano i risultati della ricerca del lavoro. Interessante è anche il risultato di 822,270 ricerche per “lavoro da casa”, quasi paragonabile a “offerta lavoro milano”. Sembrerebbe significare che o si spera che Milano ci accolga tutti tra le sue braccia o ce ne stiamo a casa!

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Cynthia Rodriguez Hot on Google

She is married to Alex Rodriguez, third baseman Alex Rodriguez. His income is $16 million a year with the Yankees, plus $67 million over the next several years from his Rangers contract.

She gave has got a 3 years old daughter.

When they met, Cynthia said she was unaware of A-rod celebrity status at first.

"I know he played baseball, because everybody in the gym said, `Do you know who that is? And he plays baseball' or whatever," she said. "I didn't grow up in a sports-oriented family. So, I wasn't aware that you could have an entire livelihood off of a Extruder Machine sport."

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